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Active Subwoofer in 15mm birch plywood, with non scratch paint.
High quality class D amplifier, custom Acus 10" speaker with power mode supply, analogue signal processor. The acus Stagesub500 can be placed in central location, with Acus extensions left and right, or with two modules

Frequency responce : 30 Hz – 140 kHz, Max Power out: 500W rms, System format: 1 way amp, Woofer power: ??? rms, Tweeter: 10W rms, Sensivity 1W 1m: 96 dB, SPL max: 123 db, Crossover: electronic, Woofer size: 10" 4 ohm, Tweeter: Compression tweeter, Box: trasmission line, Construction: plywood, Weight: 16 kg , Dimensions: height 45 cm, width 31 cm, depth 44 cm

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