For use the Stage 350, or as a part of an acoustic PA system. Broadens sound projection, without altering the natural timbre of acoustic instruments and voice. 350W power and volume control. The real wood cabinet with custom speakers ensures superb sound quality, even from afar.

Frequency responce : 40 Hz – 20 kHz, Max power out: 350 W rms, System format: 2 way biamp., Woofer power: 280 W rms
70 W rms, Sensitivity 1W 1mt: 96 dB, Spl max: 122 dB, Crossover: electronic, Woofer size: 2x8”, Tweeter: compression tweeter, Box: 2 way bass reflex, Construction: birch plywood, Weight: 12 Kg ,Dimensions: height 70.5 cm; width 25 cm; depth 24.5 cm

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