Specialized stage only amp with real wood cabinet and custom speakers, delivering superb sound quality even from a distance.350W power, 2 Line/Mic channels with volume, Gain, 4-band EQ, Limiter, Feedback control, -10dB and mute; two flat positions (acoustic guitar, nylon strings guitar/cello), 4 Reverb presets, Aux and Monitor controls.
This amp has an illuminated panel for high visibility of the control on stage. A remote control footswitch and custom bag with wheels are also available.

Frequency responce : 40 Hz – 20 kHz, Max power out: 350 W rms, System format: 2 way biamp., Woofer power: 280 W rms, Tweeter: 70 W rms, Sensitivity 1W 1mt: 96 dB, Spl max: 122 dB,  Crossover: electronic, Woofer size: 2x8”, Tweeter: compression tweeter,  Box: 2 way bass reflex,  Construction: birch plywood,  Weight: 12 Kg,  Dimensions: Height 72 cm; Width 25 cm; Depth 24.5 cm.

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2 channel features: Gain, High, Mid Hi, Mid Low,Low, Rev vol, Volume, Limiter, -10dB, Flat 1/2 switch, Nocth Filter
Master channel: Reverb selector, Phanton switch, Mute switch, Aux volume, Instrument 1 input, Mic 1 Input, Instrument 2 input, Mic 2 input
Rear panel Ch1-Ch2: Send A, Return A, Send B, Return B, Dir Out, Pre EQ, Post EQ, Footswitch, Tuner, Monitor IN, Monitor OUT, Aux IN

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