Stage pre3

StagePre3 is an innovative professional preamplifier for acoustic instruments designed to facilitate flexibility and functionality on stage, expanding the features of Acus acoustic purity.

In particular StagePre3 is designed to use one or more guitars (or string instruments) with sensitivity and equalization setting on each channel.

Together with remote control, the guitar changeover on stage is immediate. Stage Pre3 is designed for use also on stands to be positioned laterally on stage and it can be integrated with dedicated extensions and monitors. The complete range of controls, combined with the minimalist design, light and compact, make it an instrument of extraordinary flexibility and beauty.
  Frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Inputs 3 Canali + Aux
Channel controls -10dB switch, Gain, High,
Mid Hi, Mid Low,
Low, Limiter, Flat 1/2
switch, Rev vol, Volume
Master Controls Vol. Monitor:
Channels 1-2-3,
Pre-Post switch:
Channels 1,2,3,
Noch filter ch 1,2,
Reverb selector,
Phantom switch,
Mute switch,
Aux volume,
Phones volume,
Phones out
Output Send: Channels 1,2,3,
Return: Channels 1-2-3,
Dir Out: Channels 1-2-3,
Aux L-R in, Tuner,
Monitor Out, Out L, Out R,
2 XLR Footswitch
Construction Birch Plywood / Metal
Weight 2 Kg
Height 50 mm
Width 180 mm
Depth 300 mm




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