The Stage Series is an innovative range to solves all the sound requirements that acoustic bands and soloist face with variableauditorium and stage dimensions. With modular components, a specialised PA system for acoustic bands (+voice), can be assembled ranging from 350 to 4000w. The Acus Series provides one solo amps, 2 multichannel acoustic/voice pre-amp with remote control,dedicated extensions, monitors and subwoofer. All the modular elements are light, compact and made with real wood. The stage acoustic PA system is also ideal an in-house system for live music venues, pubs, theatres and concert halls.


The STAGE PRE 2 is a compact DI stage Pedalboard preamp designed with Acus typically pure acoustic...


Specialized stage only amp with real wood cabinet and custom speakers, delivering superb sound...


Stage 130 Extension is designed to reproduce faithfully the sound of acoustic instruments.


Stage 350 EXT is an extension monitor designed to expand the sound of the Stage 350, to use as an...


StagePre3 is an innovative professional preamplifier for acoustic instruments designed to...


Stage Remote is a remote control for Acus Stage 350, Stage Pre 3 by XLR cable.


Acus Bandmate 200 is a 200W Stage Monitor for acoustic guitarists, which can also be used with...


Acus Bandmate 100 is a 100W Stage Monitor for acoustic guitars that for its linearity it can also...


Stage Sub 500 is an active Subwoofer, with birch plywood Cabinet in thick 15mm.

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