Gabriele Possenti

gabriele  possenti

Gabriele Possenti endorses the Oneforstrings range of Acus amplifiers. He is also the Italian endorser of well-known Irish guitar manufacturer Mcilroy. He works with guitar Pro 6.

He was K&K Sound Artist of the Month in September 2012. In 2004, he took part in the 7th Acoustic Guitar International Meeting in Sarzana (SP) and was awarded first prize in the prestigious contest “New Sound of Acoustic Music”, which is dedicated to emerging Italian talent in the field of acoustic guitar.

Gabriele studied at the Conservatoires of Perugia and Pesaro, graduating from the latter in 1994, and specialized in acoustic guitar at the musical academy Lizard in Fiesole (FI). He graduated from Lizard in 2005 with top marks and a commendation. His distinctive style has its roots in the Celtic musical tradition and in contemporary Celtic guitar.

His second album “Tracce di sentiero – viaggio negli Appennini dei miei sogni” (“Traces of a path – journey through the Pennines of my dreams”) has recently been issued by, and his book “Celtic dances for Guitar” includes his recordings of five Irish, Scottish and English tunes on CD. He has several frequently viewed videos on YouTube.

He has performed live on theatre productions with a number of companies, notably with Paola Gassman and Ugo Pagliai. In 2012 he joined the historic prog band Agorà and appears on their third album, “Ichinen”, which had its preview at the Musicultura Festival 2013. Agorà became established in the Progressive international landscape with their albums “Live in Montreux”, Atlantic 1975, and “Agorà 2”, Atlantic 1978.

Gabriele plays a Mcilroy ASP 25

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