Davide Mastrangelo

davide mastrangelo

Davide Mastrangelo is widely regarded as one of the most important musicians and teacher of acoustic fingerstyle guitar in
Italy. He created the CentroStudiFingerstyle* in 2006 and he is the author of the following books about the acoustic guitar:

Fingerstyle Guitar Duets, Carisch
Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop, Carisch (with Woody Mann)
Miniatures for fingerstyle guitar, Carisch
Creative Fingerstyle Guitar, Carisch
Standards for fingerstyle guitar I, Carisch
Standards for fingerstyle guitar II, Carisch
Scuola di chitarra acustica I, Universal
Scuola di chitarra acustica II, Universal

Davide Mastrangelo teaches with Woody Mann at annual Residential International Guitar Workshop organized by the CentroStudiFingerstyle in Tuscany, Italy.

fingerThe CentroStudiFingerstyle was created and it is headed up by Davide Mastrangelo.The goal of this music study centre and trade mark is that of spreading the acoustic guitar culture, through training courses, workshops and publications. The most important feature of the CentroStudiFingerstyle is the specialization and in-depth examination about the potential of the acoustic guitar. It represents the first Italian teaching centre entirely dedicated to this instrument, to its world and creativity. Here Italian guitar students get all the training they need to become future acoustic guitar musicians, performers and arrengers. The head office is in Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy.

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